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A Song of Praise

To God, ye choir above, begin
  A hymn so loud and strong
That all the universe may hear
  And join the grateful song.

Praise Him, thou sun, Who dwells unseen Amidst transcendent light, Where thy refulgent orb would seem A spot, as dark as night.

Thou silver moon, 'ye host of stars, The universal song Through the serene and silent night To listening worlds prolong.

Sing Him, ye distant worlds and suns, From whence no travelling ray Hath yet to us, through ages past, Had time to make its way.

Assist, ye raging storms, and bear On rapid wings His praise, From north to south, from east to west, Through heaven, and earth, and seas.

Exert your voice, ye furious fires That rend the watery cloud, And thunder to this nether world Your Maker's words aloud.

Ye works of God, that dwell unknown Beneath the rolling main; Ye birds, that sing among the groves, And sweep the azure plain;

Ye stately hills, that rear your heads, And towering pierce the sky; Ye clouds, that with an awful pace Majestic roll on high;

Ye insects small, to which one leaf Within its narrow sides A vast extended world displays, And spacious realms provides;

Ye race, still less than these, with which The stagnant water teems, To which one drop, however small, A boundless ocean seems;

Whate'er ye are, where'er ye dwell, Ye creatures great or small, Adore the wisdom, praise the power, That made and governs all.

_--P. Skelton_

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