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True Greatness

The fairest action of our human life
  Is scorning to revenge an injury:
For who forgives without a further strife
  His adversary's heart to him doth tie:
And 'tis a firmer conquest truly said
  To win the heart, than overthrow the head.

If we a worthy enemy do find, To yield to worth, it must be nobly done:-- But if of baser metal be his mind, In base revenge there is no honor won. Who would a worthy courage overthrow? And who would wrestle with a worthless foe?

We say our hearts are great, and cannot yield; Because they cannot yield, it proves them poor: Great hearts are task'd beyond their power but seld: The weakest lion will the loudest roar. Truth's school for certain does this same allow, High-heartedness doth sometimes teach to bow.

_--Lady E. Carew_

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